About Me

Why Choose Daniel?

As a University student or a business professional, it has never been more necessary to be able to communicate effectively in English. There is a real need for students, graduates and business professionals to be able to speak, write, research and contribute effectively, and to be able to do this in a simple, clear and effective way, while citing others and avoiding plagiarism.

My skills, experience and education have helped me develop and create a range of high-quality, focused and effective courses, and materials to help you reach your academic and business goals. My specially designed expert courses will help provide you with the skills you need to succeed in Academic or in the workplace, with key, step-by-step lessons in an engaging and enjoyable online classroom environment.


Who am I?

Throughout my 10+ years in Teaching, I have studied extensively in order for me to help international students succeed in their academic studies or business career. I have worked in a number of different universities all over the world and have worked with many different students from various backgrounds. My qualifications include a PGCE in Secondary English, an M.A in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, and a Level 3 TESL Diploma, or DELTA certification. I am also a published author who has written a number of books related to English teaching and online teaching. I also created and host a podcast for English Teachers, called ESL Talk:

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Some of the Organizations/Institutions I have worked with

In the media

Live Lesson with Keith O’Hare (Keith Speaking Academy)

I was recently asked by Keith O’Hare to join him for an interview, to use for his IELTS live lessons on Facebook and for his 1.8+ million followers on his Youtube channel.

I simply shared a little about my teaching experiences, my journey, and my advice for helping students with their IELTS exams!

My appearance on Premier League Live

As an avid football fan, and creator of a supporters group in Canada, I was asked to go on TV to speak to football legend David Seaman, about my team Leeds. It was definitely scary, but a great experience!


What my students say…